My first instruction from  an Insurer was way back in 1985, and it was a grp pram dinghy that had been crushed in a boatyard (where have all the pram dinghies gone?). Since then I  have handled many claims, large and small, in the UK and abroad. Here are some examples:


Westerly yacht collided with Anglesey

Frost damage to Mercruiser V6

Water ingress damage to a pair of Volvo diesels

Thefts of outboards , boats and equipment

Speedboat damaged by jetski (driven by the  owners wife)

Yacht crushed by a runaway pontoon

Parasailer impaled on a yacht's mast

Engine damage due to corroded exhaust manifolds

Fire damage to Fairline Targa

Electrical fire on Beneteau 40CC

Vandal damage to 50ft motor yacht

73ft ferrocement schooner blown against harbour wall

Survey  vessel   damaged by grounding on marina sill gate

Row of yachts blown over in a boatyard

Rib damaged in road accident

Racing yachts damaged in port/starboard incidents

Stolen SeaRay - recovered

Stolen Fletcher - recovered

Identifying stolen recovered rib

Resolving claim where repairer and owner were in dispute



Claims work is always my priority, and I try to attend at the casualty or incident location within 48 hours. A situation report will be provided as soon as possible, and a full report submitted within seven days, including an estimate of the quantum. Reports always include clear photographs and any relevant documents


Where signed statements are required from the Insured and witnesses, I am   happy to take them.


If specialist investigation is required,  associates can be called upon who are qualified in fire investigation, gas  installations, engine failure analysis,  statement taking to  legal requirements,  marine accident investigation.


In my  normal working areas I have good relationships with harbourmasters, lifeboat crews and other local contacts, so that the full story of an   incident can usually be established


Where a craft requires recovery, I can liaise with local companies to achieve a quick solution


I have experience of working with repairers from outside of the area, and will not hesitate to suggest their involvement if I   feel it would be beneficial


When the local surveyor is unavailable, I am happy to travel to deal with a claim.  Northern Ireland, The Irish Republic,  the Isle of Man, Southern Spain and the Portugese Algarve are   locations where  I have worked 







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