Since 1994 the MCA has published a succession of Codes of Practice, which set minimum standards and put legal obligations on operators of workboats and pleasure craft in commercial use. I   have been involved with these codes since they were introduced and have examined many hundreds of craft for compliance with the Codes.


These have included:


Open and Cabin Ribs from 4.5m to 13m


Angling Charter Boats from 7m to 16m


Dive Support Vessels   from 8m to 26m


10m and 15m Crew Transfer Catamarans


12m, 15m and 20m Wind Farm Support Boats


15m Pilot Boat


8m and 15m Logistical Support Boats


13m Mooring Service Workboat


Modern Charter Yachts from 7m to 18m


75ft Ex Baltic Trader Ketch


50ft Danish Sailing Kotter



If you are considering the purchase of a vessel that will require coding, please be aware that there are some craft that cannot be made to comply, and others where modifications or stability assessment will be expensive, and yet others where the operational area could be severely restricted due to stability, freeboard or other issues.


I am always happy to offer free guidance on the Code requirements, and whether a particular craft will comply.


Any vessel that has not yet been coded will almost certainly require two visits.  The first visit  will assess the soundness of the vessel and will enable a list to be provided of work required to achieve compliance.  The second visit  will be to establish that any work required has been correctly carried out, and that all of the required lifesaving and safety equipment is in place.  


If you are about to buy a vessel that already has a Code certificate, please be aware that the Certificate will expire on change of ownership, and that the vessel will require an examination to confirm compliance, before  a new certificate can be issued in your name.


As I approach  retirement, I only now carry out code examinations for my existing clients.  However I am happy to advise on any Code matter, and can direct you to a suitable  surveyor colleague for the examination.



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