I specialise in Damage and Insurance Claims Investigation,  and  MCA Code  of Practice Examinations.


I  also carry out:


  • Valuations
  • Damage Reports
  • Measurement for Registration


I  do not undertake pre-purchase or insurance renewal surveys.



Advice:  If you are buying a boat through a broker,  you   should be provided with a list of surveyors contact details, rather than just the one name.  If only one  surveyor is mentioned, can you be sure that the broker   isn't suggesting the one likely to provide the most favourable report?


For a list of independent qualified surveyors, visit the YDSA website: 

    Insurers will ask for an older boat to be surveyed. Different Insurers ask at different ages, but typically this can be when it is 10, 15 or 20 years old. Inevitably this will have to be an out-of-water survey. Your Insurers should give you adequate notice, for instance stating that the boat will need a survey before the next renewal.

    Before the survey, you should check that you have sufficient in-date fire extinguishers. Most Insurers specify at least two, and power craft capable of over 17 knots need automatic extinguishers in the engine and tank spaces.  Check also that the flexible gas piping is less than five years old.

    On yachts, the age of the standing rigging is sometimes an issue.  My opinion, based on discussions over many years with Insurers and riggers is that club racing yachts with wire rigging, and many of the current production yachts with highly stressed swept spreader rigs, should have new rigging every ten years.  Heavier displacement, more heavily rigged yachts, and older designs such as Westerlys, Moodys etc, have an expected rig life of 15 years. No yacht should have stainless steel wire rigging older than this.


    Skinfittings and Sea Valves have been a hot topic in the Yachting Press.  Some production boat builders have been found to be fitting chrome plated brass ball valves.  Those of us old enough to remember wooden boats have always known that brass must never be used underwater, yet these brass valves comply with an EU standard. That standard defines corrosion resistance as a five year safe life.  If your boat has any of these valves, think about taking one apart to check that the chrome is still sound on the inside.  Once the chrome has peeled away, the valve will deteriorate rapidly, and the valve will crumble!






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